Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is a Libertarian?

A Libertarian believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and greater personal freedom.

As with any other political philosophy, there are degrees of belief. There are radical Libertarians, and there are moderate Libertarians.

Mike Kole is a moderate Libertarian. Mike understands that it took more than 200 years to take the essentially Libertarian American government given to us by the Founding Fathers for it to become the bloated, expensive, unresponsive form it has evolved into.

Rolling it back may take a while, as Americans come to rely on themselves once again instead of government. Americans are not ready for wholesale change, so Mike advocates reasonable changes, such as a 1% cut in budgets. That’s not a radical slash. It is something that can and should be achieved easily. Do Republicans have the will?

Republicans and Democrats have been making government bigger and more expensive. If you believe that government should be smaller and less expensive, you are a Libertarian.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Eric Dondero said...

And you cannot call yourself a true libertarian with a straight face, if you appease Islam.

Libertarianism is about opposing Big Government and opposing Big Islam.

Muslims want to force our women to wear ugly black burkas from head to toe, outlaw marijuana, cut off the genitals of gays and hang them from a noose, stone prostitutes to death, outlaw alcohol and ban all free speech.

Being a libertarian means you get the full equation: Opposing Big Government and opposing Big Sharia.


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