Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Machines We Can Trust

A lot of money was spent on voting machines here in Indiana in the past few years. If only we got the right machines.

Indiana’s voting machines are not capable of producing an auditable, voter verifiable paper audit trail. (VVPAT) They should be.

Grocery stores and other retailers allow you to see what you are buying, on the screen and on paper. Why can’t we do this with our votes?

Indiana’s voting machines are dependent upon software to count the votes. Many researchers are skeptical of the integrity of the machines, that they can be hacked into or pre-programmed to arrive at certain outcomes. Without a voter verifiable system and a paper trail, voters can always be skeptical about the accuracy and integrity of the tally.

More info: wheresthepaper.org


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Verward said...

I am a computer networking student, and I can tell you that the web site you have linked to is an ignorant one. Also, I believe that the point of view you expressed reflects it. It is not a matter of a bug or a glitch that would cause the wrong result. The only thing that would cause that is outright fraud from the designer of the system. When a system like that is designed, it is a matter of whether it will work or not when bugs are found. It is not a matter of transferring votes. Do your research a bit more. Computerized voting make recounts obsolete.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger ParticipleDangling said...

Verward...come back and talk to us when you have graduated and have real world experience. As an IT professional with many years of experience, I can tell you that even the best planned system is subject to flaw. Even the most reliable piece of hardware will fail. And even the most tight piece of code can be manipulated. Redundancy doesn't even begin to plug the holes opened by computerized voting. Recounts are an absolute necessity. Recounts ensure the integrity of the system. If you design systems with the premise of throwing away the input data, you're heading down the road to disaster. Apply your theory to your bank and your financial records. If your bank was as plagued with problems as the computerized voting machines have been, you'd switch banks or start stashing cash in the backyard. Do you not verify your ATM receipts with your monthly statements? Do you trust your bank 100% that there could never EVER be a fault or mistake? If so, that speaks volumes. The voters of the state of Indiana are simply asking for that attention to detail and ability for verification. Everything may be utopian in your textbooks but believe me, I demand VVAT. I've seen the consequences without.


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